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The Features

Station Park is really a gateway to downtown Kitchener. The primary goal is to make it a very pleasant environment.
Kirkor Architects

Render of the food alley at Station Park
Kaufman house interior gallery wal
Kaufman house interior
Kaufman house interior office

The Kaufman Legacy Lives On

“We’ve been very careful in allowing the Kaufman house to breathe, to have space around it, so that the Kaufman house in and of itself can be the feature of the entire development. And not just the development ­­— it can also be important for Kitchener as a whole.” - Kirkor Architects

Everything You Could Possibly Need at Your Fingertips…

Station Park is home to some of the most unique amenities known to a local development. Ample features are situated outdoors, including a dog park, an amphitheatre, outdoor work stations, The Circuit, and plenty of grass for lounging, creating a sense of the great outdoors while also housing life's necessities.

  • Dining
  • Retail
  • Ice Rink
  • Ampitheatre
  • Outdoor Work Stations
  • Grocery
  • Pocket Park
  • Dog Park
  • Underground Parking
Rendering of the courtyard at Station Park
Interior of a restaurant
View from a balcony inside a cafe
Produce in a market

Retail & Dining You’ve Only Dreamed Could be so in Reach

The street level will feature a number of unique, boutique dining and retail locations to make living at Station Park as convenient for residents as possible. With a grocery store and a pharmacy, you’ll never need to go far for what you need. For dinner out with friends, or even a casual coffee on the patio, Station Park has everything you need to experience the finer things in life right outside of your front door.