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The Vision

Downtown Kitchener’s vibrant history shines in the subtle details within Station Park.

Exterior render of Union Towers in the evening
Rendering from above of Station Park
Rendering of the exterior of Union Towers

The Five Pillars of a Robust Ecosystem

By understanding the context that the project is in, we look at the history, but also build and design for the future, and how our project really matters to the larger community. The creation of Station Park grew out of the core values that we have defined as a team, and constantly circle back to for inspiration.

  1. Community Oriented
  2. Connected
  3. Innovative
  4. Local
  5. Quality
Sitemap of Station Park

Station Park Will Bring The City To Your Doorstep


  • Open Air Theatre
  • Proposed Grocery
  • Pocket Park
  • Retail & Dining
  • Food Alley
  • Commercial Office
  • Dog Park
  • The Kaufman House
  • The Circuit
    Skating Rink
    Foot Path
    Water Feature
  • Future Residential Towers
An initial sketch of Station Park

Stripping Off Anything That's Not Heritage

Station Park’s design took off, quite literally, from the ground up. Focusing on Kitchener’s historical roots, development was kickstarted with a closer look at Jacob Kaufman and A.R. Goudie, two important industrial leaders from the region’s past.

While the inspiration certainly has its roots in history, the development is poised towards the future. Not only is the architecture within Station Park a clear centrepiece in the city, but the open space between the buildings is just as striking.

An initial sketch of Station Park, showing the Kaufman mansion

Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, Union Towers will bring the city to your doorstep.

“These things that make up who we are as individuals - things that we really, truly enjoy to do in our free time - are going to be here at Station Park to make sure that this is the place to live and that it really caters to who we are as Individuals.”

Erin Martin / Him & Her

The Brand That Evolved Organically

The idea for the “O” wordmark of Station Park’s brand was framed around the concept of a full-frontal view of an oncoming train, inspired by the Grand Trunk Railway Station.

This design was pared down, piece by piece, until it was simply the “O” with the embellishment underneath. In its simplest form, the glyph is just subtly reminiscent of a train, without being too obvious.

An Unconventionally Pared-down Evolution