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The Team

The team behind Station Park consists of a collection of industry leaders selected based on shared values.

Team sitting at a table having a meeting

Pioneers of The Project

The driving force behind Station Park is Vanmar Developments. Since 1972, VanMar Developments has designed and developed buildings across Canada and the United States that instill confidence, pride, and that special feeling of home. In recent years, VanMar has built numerous upscale condominiums in prestigious locations throughout British Columbia and Southern Ontario.

Today, VanMar has a first-class reputation as a trusted developer, and is highly regarded by homeowners, lenders, investors, and designers.

Art Van Maren
Jeff Marin

Previous VanMar Projects

Rendering of the exterior of V2 Condos in GuelphV2 Condos, Guelph, Ontario
Render of the exterior of Glenpark Row in Kelowna British ColumbiaGlenpark Row, Kelowna British Columbia
Rendering of the interior of Caroline Street condos in WaterlooCaroline Street, Waterloo, Ontario
Render of the interior of Caroline Street Residences in Waterloo OntarioCaroline Street, Waterloo Ontario
Render of the interior of Drysdale Row in Kelowna British ColumbiaDrysdale Row, Kelowna British Columbia

Working in Harmony

The entire team of people pioneering Station Park boasts a strong work ethic, and commitment to achieving our common goals. Nothing short of excellence is the promise of our work, as we’re out to actually change the world for the better. We adore this mission, we cling to what we value, and we stand for harmony. Our heartfelt appreciation goes in to the work we do day in and day out, as we hope to deeply impact the people of Kitchener-Waterloo and beyond.